Friday, September 11, 2009

In the Fog.

This morning, an average morning with nothing eventful at play, I found myself in a fog of sorts, my mind clouded by the days pressing chores, the days demand for my heart and mind. And though I often find I am able to navigate my way through the hazy wood of life, there are those times when the view simply becomes too obscured, and I find that I feel I have lost my way.

It is in those moments, though, with vision impaired, I must learn to cry out to my ears for sight. But how to hear, in a world polluted with noise? Well, strange though it may seem, and unorthodox for sure, a little hedgehog might help to show the way - teach me to listen and to be not afraid.


  1. Hi Aaron,

    Great blog. I seldom get a chance to investigate such spaces. However, I was struck by the 9-11 entry. I beleive we could have found our way on 9-11 but we squandered the opportunity to remain mired in fog and failed paradigmns.

    I do journal and this is what I wrote and offer here as a further reflection and engagement on a similar theme.

    Bill Beardslee
    September 11, 2009: Eight Years Later
    Ashes still fill the air
    We walk in Fog
    concrete, glass and flesh
    breathed into our bodies as fear and regret
    for all we have not done.

    Footprints trail away in the dust
    toward the bridge
    up into the sky
    tears fill the bay with grief.

    Just what have we done
    what have we created
    made in our own image
    rather than being the Image of the One?

    Forlorn and frightened
    we suck in the air of remorse
    shoot holodeck enemies
    shop until we drop to save our nation
    unsated and sullied instead.

    On the far side of that mountain
    lies a pristine stream
    living water flows into a placid lake
    with Song
    snow-capped peaks gaze down

    The deer looks up, tilts its head
    as if to hear
    Breathes a DEEP sigh
    Bends to sup


  2. Thanks for sharing your words, Bill. Beautiful.