Thursday, September 10, 2009


If I kept a diary, it might read something like this:

Dear Diary,

Today I found myself thinking about more things than I could process - cutting the ice storm afflicted branch from the old apple tree, what makes a person an "artist", why do we over complicate our lives with "stuff", I don't really like the film industry, wish we didn't have to deal with taxes, can't wait for Emma's first dance lessons, why are so many people pissed about Obama addressing school kids about the value of education, I need to clean my office, I hope my wife knows how much I really love her, it was strange talking to grandma the other day, her memory seems to be going fast, do I really need to blog, why do I regret not going to college, if I only had one film to make, what would it be, what am I going to be like as an old man, will I even live to be an old man...

Then this piece of beauty comes along to jog my mind, remind me of who I am, what I long to be, keep me on the path.

Life is truly poetry, cinema the eye. We must never turn our gaze from her. Let us wait and watch, capture life in picture, in praise, in poem.


  1. Hi Aaron,

    This is Chris from the forum :).
    I'm commenting here to finish what I messed up earlier (I'm not signed in, but I'm 'cristOfur'). You may have seen a preview of what I wrote as an alert, or somthing--before I deleted it. but essentially I was ranting against public education in what I though a graceful manner at the time.

    But what I saw is that I hold alot of anger needlessly. And at most I might say that the obligatory 'status qou' nature of education only depreciates the value of the accomplishment. For some it's what God wants.

    But I do think there are many paths ignored because of assumptions we make.

    The path you've chosen thus far was a prerequisite for who you are. And apart from knowing little of you personally, I'm already in your debt for the work you've put forward. Your an admirable man :] (But of course..., get thee behind me satan ;] )

    Inspired by this stream of quality Russian media. I picked out a movie from the library a couple days ago called "Island" or "Ostrov" in Russian. I had no idea it was a religious film or that it would bring me such peace, it was just an russian film with lots of little festival award tags on the cover, like that on the cover of a ceratin someone's. Your probably aware of it, being a film festival superman.

    My family's been stricken with bronchitis. It hit my dad especially hard. He's the family trumpet on 'orginal sin', but my grandpa always said of him 'he does everything out of spite', especially true wheh he has bronchitis ^_^. This movie calmed him down again, and his coffing. I'm so grateful.

    peace to you,


  2. Chris,

    Great to hear from you, my friend. Thanks for sharing some thoughts. They're always welcome.

    I've seen "Ostrov". Fantastic film, with a wonderful portrayal and insight into what the life of a saint must look like. Such a mystery.

    Be well, Chris.

    And P.S. thank you greatly for your beautiful and kind words regarding the summer forum. They warmed our hearts, dearly.