Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little Bird.

The wonder and beauty of a child is a most profound thing. Light upon light. Between all that is and all that has been and all that will become. What will you become, little bird? Where will your wings take you? Will your eyes behold the glory of the coming of the Lord? Will you smile that smile of your mothers? Laugh like your father on a silly day? Tell me, what will your hands create? What songs will you sing? What poems will you write? What love will you give? What love will you receive? What beauty will you bring to this world?

Oh, your father has so many questions, little bird. So many questions in such a big, big world. So many days, so many ways. Which way will you go? Which way will you go?

But, until then, let's you and I keep watch Under the Bamboo Tree.

(Photo by Justin Schwartz)


  1. Beautiful words, beautiful photo.

  2. She's a sweet pea, Aaron. We dream such big dreams for our little people, but this moment is the only one we have together for certain... hanging out under all those trees as the leaves show signs of the impending fall. My favorite season. Memories etched into my mind. Memories are all that remain... Sweet little bird...

  3. she is a marvel, and growing so quickly!

  4. Waiiiit A second. Where are the photo credits for this shot, Aaron? :)Someone down the hall isn't getting credit.

  5. Hey J, you're right. Got the photo credit up there, now. : )